Participants are invited to get in touch with their local travel agency and check for any visa requirements in order to enter Italy.


Application for letters of invitation will be accepted by the ICRM – LLRMT 2022 Secretariat within 3 April 2022 and must be sent via email to the conference contact email address.


It is mandatory to register for the ICRM – LLRMT 2022 conference before claiming letters of invitation.

Please note that prior to start visa process, the User Office of LNGS will require the following information:

  • name and surname as written on your passport
  • scanned copy of your passport
  • name and address of your home institute
  • dates of your stay in Italy (also flight dates if possible)
  • place of stay (name of the hotel that you have reserved and written confirmation of reservation)


LNGS will not be able to issue the invitation letter, if any of this information is missing.

All visa related documents issued by LNGS do not grant any financial support by the organisers.