Leisure & events

Social events

May 1 – Welcome reception at LNGS

We will offer at the venue a welcome reception for those who will take advantage of the registration to the conference the day before it will start.
Reception will take place from 6:00 PM.

May 4
Guided walking tour in the city of L’Aquila
Shuttle buses will leave from LNGS at 2:30 PM. When aboard, a quick explanation on the tour will be given before leaving. Those who need the bus, but WILL NOT take part to the excursion, will be dropped off at the hotels.
The excursion will start at 3:00 PM.  Possible meeting points for people wanting to take part to the excursion but NOT taking our shuttle bus are the following:
– piazza Battaglione Alpini (also known as piazza della Fontana Luminosa)
– GSSI (located in viale F. Crispi n. 7, near the “villa Comunale” park).
At the end of the tour, the buses will bring back people to the hotels.

May 4 – Social dinner

The conference social dinner will take place at restaurant La Cartiera del Vetojo (address: Strada Lago di Vetoio – L’Aquila) starting from 8:00 PM.
Timetable for shuttle bus is:
7:15 PM – Hotel Nido dell’Aquila à Hotel Fiordigigli
7:20 PM – Hotel Giampy
7:40 PM – Hotel Federico II (possible meeting point for people staying around after excursion)
7:45 PM – GSSI (possible meeting point for people staying around after excursion)
7:55 PM – Restaurant.
After dinner, shuttle bus service to hotels will be available.

Accompanying persons are, of course, very welcome to all social events.


Other places of interest

LNGS is located inside the Gran Sasso-Laga National Park.

On the Park website you can find information on leisure and sport activities:

The city of L’Aquila (founded in 13th century) offers many ancient churches and buildings as well as museums and cultural tourism places. Please find below some interesting places to visit and some websites providing cultural intineraries and events:

Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo (MAXXI) (L’Aquila)

Museo Nazionale d’Abruzzo (MUNDA) (L’Aquila)

Amphitheater of Amiternum (L’Aquila)

Amphitheater of Alba Fucens (Massa D’Albe – L’Aquila)

Rocca Calascio (Calascio – L’Aquila)

Grotte di Stiffe (San Demetrio Ne’ Vestini – L’Aquila)

Museo Nazionale Archeologico d’Abruzzo (MANdA) with the famous statue of the Capestrano Warrior (6th century BC) (Chieti)

L’Aquila 2022 (cultural events in L’Aquila)

Abruzzo Tourism (events, routes)