Conference new dates

Dear Colleagues,

As you will have seen in the news, the Italian Government took additional steps to confine the propagation of Coronavirus.
These steps include quarantining parts of northern Italy, postponing events which assemble significant numbers of people, including
congresses and conferences, that will take place in the next four weeks. In addition, companies and institutes are restricting non-essential business travel.
Therefore, the Organising Committee has taken the decision to postpone the ICRM-LLRMT 2020 conference to 21st-25th September 2020.
We apologise for this inconvenient change, and we hope that you will still be able to attend the conference in September; perhaps you could indicate, if you will do so.
The arrangements for registration to the conference, hotel bookings and manuscript submission will be sent to you soon, but in the meantime, please contact the conference organisers with any
questions you may have.
As for now registration is closed until further notice.

With kind regards,
The Organising Committee